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About the Founder: 

With knowledge and a drive to educate the masses, teacher Andrea Bazemore is creating material designed to dismantle the whitewashed ideologies perpetuated by the American public school system. Having taught in public, private and charter school systems, Bazemore is ready to take her teaching to the next step. With her conscious curriculum, Miss Bazemore educates students, parents and teachers across the core school subjects.

Bazemore is the Director and Founder of The Black Apple. The Black Apple is an educational company specializing in curriculum development, resumes, and workshops for educators, school leaders, and school districts. The mission of the Black Apple is to empower educators to teach social justice topics in their classrooms. By teaching practical applications of diversity, social justice, wellness, and spirituality, students, educators, and school leaders and students will be empowered to solve real-world issues.

In 2016,  Andrea Bazemore decided to try something new in her classroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was inspired by conversations with colleagues about social justice and diversity. However, she also heard their frustrations about the lack of resources. As she investigated her classroom, she noted that there was more that could be done that simply buying books that had diverse themes. She could teach diversity, social justice, and inclusion.

At first, she started parodying rap songs and teaching poetry through hip-hop, and in her second year of teaching her scores soared by teaching diversity and social justice. When moving back to Dallas in 2017, her hometown, she decided to use her methodology in her kindergarten class which resulted in the highest data in the school and top 10 in the school network. Ever since, she has been creating social justice and diversity resources, workshops, and presentations to educate other teachers on how to teach with this same methodology.

With her virtual and in-person lessons, Miss Bazemore aims for diversity and inclusivity. She loves having engaging hands-on, real-world lessons that empower her students to achieve their dreams. Her in-person and virtual classes are led by herself and parents that serve as teachers and mentors. As a collective, they help educate kids and work to inspire the next generation of leaders.